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Meet the Author: 

 Got it Get it Give it 

It all starts with you!


For many years Matt Gil searched for answers in all the wrong places. Making choices that took away his power to see his own greatness, to stand in the knowledge that he was more than enough and even put his life and other’s lives at risk. In the midst of a series of risky behaviors, Matt began a journey of self discovery, self acceptance and ultimately self love. “Got It, Get it, Give it” is the beginning of sharing his journey to define, embrace and truly live in his Greatness so that you too can LIVE in yours!  As he progressed along his journey he soon found that all the answers he was looking for was in him all along. 


Matt has touched the lives of thousands of teens, families and entrepreneurs world-wide and served as an experienced coach & trainer  for companies such as Disney, Six Flags, Red Robin International, Motivating The Teen Spirit & Motivating The Masses - a Lisa Nichols company. Matt has truly found his calling and answer to his prayers – the opportunity to turn his personal journey into a mission to help others live a life they love and empowering people to define, embrace and share their greatness with the world.

Making a change and impacting lives...

I have had the pleasure of serving communities across the world, helping teens, families, entreprenuers discover the greatness in themselves so that they could share it with the world. I am honored to partner with some of the most amazing and powerful change agents in the world. 

Watch Video above to see 
Matt in action with Motivating The Teen Spirit
Matt Gil Author
Motivating The Teen Spirit

San Diego, CA

July 23-24

Open to the public

Speak & Write To Make Millions
Atlanta, GA
October 20-24
Open to the public
Motivating The Teen Spirit
San Diego, CA
November 19-20
Open to the public
The Greatness Tour
Information coming soon on this incredible movement celebrating the Greatness of Communities. 

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