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  Got it Get it Give it 

Excerpt from "Value of Life"

Often I could be found walking or

driving around late at night or early in

the morning desperately searching for

the unknown. One night I was driving

under the influence speeding down

Sunset Blvd in Hollywood California. As I

carelessly flew down the streets running

through red lights, at the corner of

Highland and Odin Street (right across

the street from the Hollywood Bowl), I

ran through a red light and plowed

through a vehicle so hard that I cracked

it in half. My memory of that night

leading up to the accident is only blurry

flashes of dancing, drinking and fighting

and then what felt like only moments

everything is black. I could hear the faint

sounds of sirens and muffled sound of

voices asking “are you okay?”

I don’t know where I am and I struggle

to open my eyes and regain my

awareness. Through the haze in my

eyes I could see my mom and brother

standing beside what I soon relized was

my hospital bed. I can hear the whispers of my dad talking to the policeman in the room.

Moments pass in silence and I hear my dad getting updated from the doctor as they informed him that I had several 

hairline fractures, significant facial injuries and they were concerned about the condition of my spine. I was going to be hospitalized for many weeks and not allowed to move much. My blood alcohol level was over two times the legal limit and originally doctors didn't believe I would make it through the night because of the amount in my body. It took a couple of days to get it out of my system.

As I began to hear of the seriousness of

the situation, I quickly became disgusted with myself. I was nauseated to find out that there were other people involved in that accident and that the accident was my fault. Although fortunate that they were not seriously injured, reality hit "I could have killed somebody." The fact that my reckless irresponsibility impacted somebody else’s life and put them at risk

completely broke me. I finally realized

that I had issues. I was trying to escape

my hurt, my loneliness and was searching for acceptance.

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Matt Gil_Dream it
Matt Gil

"Acknowledging the person you are today is the key to becoming the person that you want to be. But how can you truly know that you have got it, so you can truly get it and then give it?"

Listen in as Matt shares with Steve Kidd, host of Thriving Entreprenuer Radio, the "3 (three) things you need to discover and live in your greatness." 

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Matt Gil


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